Creation – Destruction – Redemption – Restoration 

The pattern of Creation, Destruction, Redemption, Restoration is one we see play out again and again in Scripture. However, it’s not limited to the people and stories in the Bible. Each of us has a moment of Creation, and Destruction in our lives, and for those of us who believe and follow Jesus, we also have a moment of Redemption and Restoration.

When we understand the story of the Bible, we’re able to see our own story much more clearly. Instead of seeing our lives as a disconnected series of painful events, we recognize the four movements, and see how God has been working not just through the history in the Bible, but in our own lives. Once we understand how God has changed our stories, we can use them to change the world.

Join us for our new series “Stories” as we unpack some of the greatest stories in the Bible and see what they mean to us today so that our story can have power to impact those around us.