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Join us in 7 days of focused prayer and let’s all pursue the purposes of God together. We are asking everyone to spend 30 minutes each day praying for the following;

Sunday – People, we are praying for people to be saved and for them to come to church.
Monday – Power, we are praying for boldness in our entire church to share the love of Jesus with others
Tuesday – Provision, we are praying that God would continue to provide for our church and our people
Wednesday – Presence, we are praying for God’s presence to fill our whole church continually (revival)
this is also our Pursuit Night!
Thursday – Progress, we are praying for supernatural numeric growth in our church
Friday – Pastors, we are praying for the pastors and leaders of Canvas Church to be filled with wisdom as they lead
Saturday, Personal, we are asking for people to bring their personal needs before the Lord and experience a breakthrough.

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